Leather Men, Hunks, Blokes

Tom of Finland invented it. No Folsom, no Leather Pride, no IML Chicago without them - Men in Leather, Uniforms and Breeches

Leather Uniform, Breeches and Tough Leather Pants for Men

Masculine, unique outfit for hunks and blokes,

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Ledermänner, Lederkerle

Wer hat’s erfunden? Tom of Finland. Kein Folsom, Kein Leder -  Ostertreffen in Berlin ohne Männer in Lederuniform, Stiefel und  Breeches

Lederuniform, Breeches, und hammerharte Lederhosen für Männer

Maskulin, einzigartig, für Lederkerle, Ledermänner, Handwerker,

Das passt: Special  manufacturer for leather pants, uniforms and clothes  for HOT Leather Men.

Leather men get it, Hunks get it, Blokes get it. Nothing’s more sexy than men in black leather. Pure Leather Dominance

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